Gurukulam Women's Self-Defense School

In Women's Self-Defense gurukulam provides realistic, effective self-defense training for today's busy female.  The mission at Women's Self-Defense Institute is simple - empowering you to fight back against crime. How?
By providing you training and education in:
• Awareness
• Prevention
• Risk reduction
• Risk avoidance; and
• Self-realization of your own physical power

These tools greatly increase your personal protection options to combat crime.
At Women's Self-Defense Institute we believe that women’s self-defense training is more than just kicking and punching. We assist women in three ways to combat crime:

1. By Engaging the Mind we help you identify and recognize early warning signals, criminal processes and how criminals operate;
2. By Educating the Body we teach you hands-on effective, easy to learn techniques that maximize damage while not relying on strength; and
3. By Empowering the Spirit we build your survival mindset to ensure your own personal safety.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from taking our women's self-defense training

• Becoming more aware of your surroundings
• Developing your most powerful weapon – your mind
• Managing fear and performing effectively under pressure
• Building your self-esteem thru self-defense training
• Taking control over your emotional well-being
• Becoming less vulnerable by minimizing your victim potential
• Using our training drills to become healthier, fitter and mentally tougher while learning functional self-defense skills
• Accelerating your powerful personal development process thru our self-defense training
• Learning to make street smart decisions in bad situations
• Understanding a predator’s game plan and how to defeat it

Come take advantage of our expertise in women's self-defense as we take you step-by-step through a process that is much easier than you think.

We look forward to building a safer tomorrow for you, and all women, starting today!

Yours in Empowerment,

Gurukulam Karate School, India